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Business idea

To develop and manufacture highly efficient, sustainable water recirculation heating products and to acquire and market supplementary product ranges (e.g. solar collectors) that help to reinforce Euronom's total offer.


Euronom seeks to be one of the market's most highly regarded companies in water recirculation heating, especially in respect of our focus, knowledge and ability to combine eco-friendly types of heating with sustainable, cost-effective solutions. Our products should be seen as beautifying any fine home.

Euronom investing heavily in the heat pump market with help from IDESTA

Euronom heat pumps are manufactured by Idesta in Malmö, and now that Euronom is also part of the IDESTA Group, it is investing aggressively to develop both the market and products.


Best Euronom ambassadors

Euronom is currently establishing a corps of ambassadors to sell and install water recirculation heating products – heat pumps, solar collectors, system tanks etc. – throughout Sweden. Call us for info about your nearest dealer/installation engineer.

Sustainable heating

The initiative focuses on sustainable heating products for the private market. Euronom has long been at the forefront of product development, with energy-efficient, Swedish-made products. The basic idea behind this is efficiency in above all air-to-water heat pumps and tank systems that encourage combining various types of heating (e.g. solar, wood, pellets) for the best possible heating. Sustainable products, sustainable heating and a sustainable environment go hand-in-hand. The heat pumps are stainless steel, which provides best protection against wind and weather. What's more, the installations are both stylish and discrete, almost like a piece of silver jewellery for your home. Euronom heat pumps come with up to 14 years' insurance cover.